Frequently Asked Questions


Relax because we always will be here for you.

Does headlight restoration actually last?

Yes. We offer a one year warranty which means that if your headlights start getting foggy again within 12 months from the day it was originally restored  we go back and restore them for free.

How long does it take for my seats or carpet to dry when they get shampooed?

Usually it takes an average of an hour, or on cloudy and cold days two hours.

What do you mean by maintenance wash(for regular customers only?)

When someone purchase a superior/luxury/interior or exterior package and it is completed and would like to schedule a routine wash every month,tri-weekly,bi-weekly,or weekly then this package would be offered to them.

What can increase my price?
  • Excessive pet hair on the carpeting or seats.
  • Excessive crumbs or candy that had melted around the vehicle.
  • The vehicle hasn’t been washed or cleaned inside for months or even years.
  • Muddy exterior or interior.
  • Excessive sand on carpeting.
  • Heavily soiled interior do to neglect.
Do you service my area? We service:
  • Palm desert
  • Cathedral city
  • Thousand palms
  • Palm springs
  • Desert hot springs
  • Morongo valley
  • Yucca valley
  • Pioneer town
  • Landers
  • Joshua tree
  • Twenty nine palms

If you do not see your city please give us a call or email us .

Can you remove scratches, hard water spots,Carpet stains and fix dents?
  • We can remove the majority of scratches, hard water spots and stains. However fixing dents is not something we specialize in.
How can I make an appointment?

Simply by calling us at (760)289-1928 or clicking here contact us .

What are the benefits of becoming a regular customer?
  • The maintenance package will be offered.
  • Priority will be given to you.
  • No hassle with booking an appointment.